Holiday Gift Guide: 9 Gifts for Woodworkers

The art of giving is all in the thoughtfulness of the gift and not its monetary value. For the woodworker in your life, consider what tools they are missing from their toolbox, which one of their woodworking hand tools needs replacing due to constant use or which of their tools they use the most and could use more of. 

Below, we have a few ideas as well favorite gifts for woodworkers on all levels beginners to pros. 

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Masterclass Subscription

We never stop learning, and even seasoned pros can learn something new from other seasoned pros. Consider a masterclass subscription in woodworking. The internet offers great options from across the world. Woodworking Masterclass is a UK-based online instructional offering classes ranging from kitchen cutting boards to coffee tables. is a global community that offers a multitude of classes from accomplished carpenters among thousands of other instructionals in all categories. Their videos are closed captioned in several languages. 

Table Vise

Table vises are the woodworker’s extra hands and helpers. They come in many sizes to accommodate any size project. Excel’s 360-Rotating Table Swivel Vise is designed for maximum swivel to allow for better positioning. This vise is lightweight yet durable and a great addition to the woodworker’s shop. A built-in adjustable clamp fits most working benches and table tops and does not need to be permanently mounted. 

Pyrography Step-by-Step Books 

Pyrography, or the technique of wood decorating with a heated knife or tip, is a traditional folk art that evolved over the centuries. It’s a great hobby to have and is relatively easy to master with the right instruction. A great gift to consider for your favorite woodworker is an instructional book like The Big Book of Pyrography Projects or Pyrography Basics, along with a Woodburning Set. This set is ideal for beginners and includes a blade and assorted tips for various design styles. 

an excel woodworking set in its box

The Woodworking Set 

It’s all in the name this set was created with the hobbyist woodworker in mind. The Woodworking Set contains the essentials for intricate wood work: K5 Medium Duty Handle, assorted medium duty blades, assorted routers and carving gouges. It is perfect for carving and perfecting small details. All this in a neat wooden box for easy storage! Made in the USA.

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a set of multicolored sanding sticks

Sanding Sticks 

Sanding is a requirement for all woodworkers. It’s the finishing step as it smooths out and perfects the wood surface, and gets rid of excess bits. Excel’s sanding sticks and replacement belts are the ideal stocking stuffer for a beginner or a pro! 

Available in #80, #120, #240, #320, #400 and #600 grit, these are essential for the wood shop. These are tapered to a point on one end, allowing for detailed work in small areas, and are made with spring tension technology for quick and easy belt replacement. 

a mitre box set

Mitre Box Set named this the overall best Mitre Box and we’re pretty proud of that distinction. Our mitre box measures 5-¼” x 1-½” so it’s ideal for those intricate woodworking projects. It features 45-degree and 90-degree cutting angles. The set also includes the Medium Duty K5 handle and a 5-inch steel pull saw blade. The set is made in the USA.


A carpenter or a woodworker hobbyist can never have too many. They are used to hold projects in place when gluing, mounting, drilling, carving and more! Clamps come in many sizes, many shapes and are made from many materials, depending on the end use. Excel’s Adjustable Plastic Clamps are lightweight clamps perfect for smaller projects. We offer two sizes, large and small, and they are available in sets of two. Both size clamps have inch indicators on the bar for quick reference, have notched jaws and quick release locks. These are lightweight, secure and stable and made in the USA. 

a set of small drill bits

Drills Bits 

Drills get lost, get worn or break. A new set could be the perfect gift. Drill bits are made in several measuring systems: metric, imperial, gauge number and letter, ranging in size from tiny needle-like bits to very large ones. This covers most if not all possibilities. Furniture carpenters tend to use heavier duty drill bits, whereas hobbyists working on small DIY projects may use fine drill bits. Sets are usually organized by similar size and conveniently packaged so they make great stocking stuffers. 

Modular Wall Organizer

Give the gift of tool organization with modular wall organizers. These are next level pegboards and are available at hardware stores, online and even our favorite Swedish flat-pack box store offers an affordable version. What’s great about these panels is that they’re easy to install and re-install. Buy one panel for a small corner workspace or several to organize a designated room or garage. Add panels as the tool collection grows. Hooks, slots, bins and even shelves are available for these systems for a truly customizable and personalized gift. 

That old saying “It’s the thought that counts” will go a long way this holiday season when even the small gifts are exactly what they needed for their workshop. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!