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Move over, Cupid! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, boy, do we have a treat for you!  What better way to celebrate than with sweet sugar cookies decorated for your loved ones?  There are a ton of different ways to decorate your heart-shaped cookies.  Not only are hearts the easiest design to do, but they will always look classy and elegant.  These cute, easy-frosted Valentine's cookies are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face and make them feel special.

It is very easy to decorate these cookies and it’s the perfect activity to do with your little ones, too!  Just remember to make a few extra cookies to snack on while decorating them. To make these Valentine's cookies, all you need is royal icing, edible pearls, baked sugar cookies, food coloring and, most importantly, tools from Excel Blades’ Cake Collection. Don’t forget to add love!

Grab your dough and some milk, and let’s start making sweets for our sweeties!

How to Decorate Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Cookie decorating is a fun and exciting way to show your loved ones you care this Valentine’s Day. While most cookie recipes call for a heart-shaped cookie cutter, you can use Excel’s range of precision cutting tools to create custom-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies for a more thoughtful, heartfelt gift. Follow our simple step-by-step tutorial to craft perfect Valentine’s Day treats.


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Thin Royal Icing

Thick Royal Icing

Food Coloring

Edible Pearl Beads, Sprinkles and Edible Glitter

Parchment Paper

Cookie Dough (store-bought or use your favorite sugar cookie recipe)

Step 1: Roll out your dough. Then, grab your K26 Fit Grip Knife and cut out a heart.  Trace over any cuts you have already made. 

Step 2: Remove all the excess dough and place it to the side to make more cookies!
Step 3: Using your fingertips, smooth out the edges of your dough and place on the parchment paper. Now, bake your cookies! The total time in the oven might vary depending on the cookies’ thickness. The edges of the cookies should be set but not brown. Once they are ready, allow them to cool fully before decorating. 
Tip: Chill your cut-out cookies for at least 30 minutes in the fridge or 10 minutes in the freezer before baking. This ensures your cookie shapes won’t spread too much in the oven and keep their clean lines while baking.
Step 4: Grab the thick royal icing and cut a small hole in the corner of the bag using your K26 Fit Grip. Move the icing towards the opening to easily outline the cookies.  Once you are ready, outline the edges of the cookie with your royal icing. Repeat this process for all the cookies you want to decorate. Let the icing design on the cookies dry.

Step 5: Once the thick icing outline is dry, grab your thin royal icing. Using your K26 Fit Grip, once again, cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and flood the center of the cookie with the icing.  Be sure to put a decent amount of icing on the cookie for optimal coverage.

Tip: After flooding the cookie with icing, tap it gently on the counter. This helps the icing settle evenly. 

Step 6: Next, grab your fixed needlepoint awl and evenly distribute the wet icing within the cookie. Continue to do this until the entire cookie is covered with icing. Then, let the icing dry.

Tip: Doing this with your needle point awl rather than a toothpick will help release any air bubbles in the icing without leaving frayed pieces of wood.

Step 7: Using your slant point tweezers, grab the edible pearls and decorate your cookie however you would like. We decided to outline the cookie first and then fill it in with more beads. You could also scatter sprinkles or edible glitter around the edges of the cookie. 

Alternatively, fill another piping bag with thin royal icing in a contrasting color and use your K26 Fit Grip to cut a hole half the size of the original. Applying even pressure to the bag, decorate your cookie with polka dots.

Tip: Use your hollow point tweezers to place more than one bead at a time.  The hollow body holds beads inside while you work.

Let’s decorate another cookie!

Step 8: On a cookie that has already been flooded with icing, grab a pounce wheel and make lines across the cookie diagonally. Try to space out the lines as evenly as possible. 

Tip: Use a popsicle stick to space your lines out evenly. A standard ruler is too thick and will compress any lines you make. 

Step 9: Now, create lines perpendicular to the ones you just made. This will create a stunning quilted pattern. 

Step 10: Grab your slant point tweezers and place beads where the lines cross. Double-check the cookie to make sure you put a bead at each point before it completely dries.

You have finished decorating your heart cookies!

Not only is this DIY super easy, but it is also the perfect treat for the ones you love!  Have fun and mix colors, use sprinkles or just draw on your cookies. The possibilities are endless when you get to create your own designs.

We hope you enjoyed decorating your Valentine's heart cookies as much as we did!

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