Spring Paper Crafts for Kids

With long and busy spring days ahead, we’ve got a list of Spring Crafts for you to prepare ahead of time for your kids so they can be creative at any time. 

Busy Parent Tip: Organize (and label) these crafts into separate bags so all the supplies for your kids are ready at a moment’s notice. 

Spring Bouquet Night Lights

For the Parent (the Prep) - You’ll need to get a few things prepared for this project.

Night Light 

  1. Paper towel or toilet paper roll cores
  2. Hobby knife & scissors
  3. Cutting Mat
  4. Craft paper
  5. Battery LED tea-light
  6. Awl / scribe tool (for making lightning bugs)

Keep these and all tools away from children. Excel tools are not intended for use by kids or anyone under the age of 14. 

To cover the paper towel core, prepare a grass shaped background. Measure the height of the core and add 1” then cut to size. Next, using a craft knife cut grass shapes, not going below the 1” line. 

For the spring flowers, you can draw your own or simply download our template

For the Kids - They will need glue, paper towel roll cores and the pre-cut flowers and grass pieces. 

First, they’ll need to cover the roll with the background prepared by you, the parent, earlier; let the glue dry. Then glue all the flowers on a flat workspace. Once these are dry, one by one glue the assembled flowers onto the roll. Add leaves to fill in. 

tube with flowers

Using a colored pencil or marker, have the kids draw little lightning bugs flying around and in between the flowers. The lightning bugs should be small - a good trick is to draw tiny hearts with two little dots above. 

For the Parent - Using the awl, carefully make a hole in each lightning bug so that the LED light shines through when turned on. 

Lastly, set your LED tea light on a timer and place the roll over it. 

Super cute!

Paper Daisy Flower Crowns

Paper Daisy Flower Crowns

For you, the Parent (the Prep) - You’ll need to get a few things prepared for this project.

Crown bands:

  1. Poster board or heavier weight craft paper
  2. Hobby knife & scissors
  3. Cutting Mat
  4. Ruler
  5. Hot glue
  6. Ribbon

Keep these and all tools away from children. Excel tools are not intended for use by kids or anyone under the age of 14. 

On the cutting mat, using the hobby knife with a fresh new blade, cut 12x2” stips out of colorful craft paper. Then, cut 10” ribbon strips and hot glue them to each end of the strips. These crown-blanks  will lay flat so it’s easier to decorate and once finished can be tied on and secured with the ribbon. For a whimsical bow, choose a wider ribbon. 

Daisy Flowers:

  1. Paper
  2. Hobby knife & scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Cutting mat

For the petals, cut strips various in length from your craft paper, they should be between ¼” to ½” wide. For the centers, using scissors cut out circles about 1” in diameter, they don’t have to be perfect. 

For the Kids

They’ll need the crown-blanks, pre-cut strips for the petals, and glue sticks to put the crowns together. 

crafting steps

Select 6 to 10 strips of paper. Dab glue on the band and add the first strip of paper, add more glue and repeat until they’re arranged in a “star” shape. Let the glue set for a minute or so.

Next, add more glue to the center, then gently bring the opposite end to the center and hold down so the glue takes hold. Repeat until all the strips are glued. Finish by gluing the circle in the center. 

Glue paper leaves or green colored strips under the flowers for added detail. 

Let the glue set and then they’re ready to wear! 

Tulip Shadow Box

Tulip Shadow Box

For the Parent (the Prep) - Supplies you’ll need for this project:

  1. Craft paper 8.5”x11”
  2. Hobby knife or Dual Strip Knife
  3. Cutting Mat
  4. Ruler
  5. Awl / scribe tool (for scoring paper)
  6. Tape

Keep all sharp tools away from children. Excel tools are not intended for use by kids or anyone under the age of 14. 

For tulip leaves and stems: cut ½”x8.5” strips of green paper.

For tulip petals: cut ½”x5” strips of paper.

For grass: cut approximately 1/8” wide strips of paper approximately 2-3” in length. 

Tool Tip: cutting these strips without the use of a ruler will give them an organic look as each strip will be slightly different.

cutting and folding

For the shadow box: using the awl, score the paper ½” in from each edge, then using the craft knife, in each corner, make a ½” cut along one of the scores so you have a tab. Fold in each edge and tape each corner. For a deeper box create a 1” margin all around.

For the Kids - They’ll need glue and/or tape, the shadow box, and all the strips of pre-cut paper. 

To start, bring both ends of each strip together and glue or tape closed. This should create a water drop shape, which then can be folded and pressed to further resemble flower petals and leaves. 

Start putting together the tulips by making the leaves and stem first, those are easiest so good practice for later when they’ll make the tulip petals. 

Add glue to one side of each part and glue to the back of the shadow box. Your child may need help with this. Start with the stems and leaves and finish by adding the petals to form the flower. 

Make three flowers or as many as can fit for a colorful 3D spring meadow paper illustration and have fun with color!