How to Use a Tack Hammer

A tack hammer, also referred to as a swiss style mini hammer, is a small hammer used mainly for projects requiring tacks or small nails. Upholstery, fine woodwork or wall art to name a few. 

Other hobbyists and professionals who use tack hammers are diorama and miniature makers, dollhouse builders, watchmakers, jewelry designers, model makers, model railroad builders, cosplayers and leather workers. 

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A tack hammer is a multi-purpose craft tool for small tasks and projects and can be used professionally or at home to hang up small picture frames or holiday wreaths

The hammer has two main parts, a hammer head and a handle. The hammer head is forged from steel and has a smooth finish. The handle is made from wood. The head shapes vary, some have flat faces or two chisel faces. Excel Blades’ Swiss Style Mini Hammer, has one flat face and one chisel face for versatile use.

Using a tack hammer is like using any other hammer, just with less force. Tacks and small nails do not require much to be hammered in, the key is steady and precise tapping. 

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A variation on a small multi-purpose hand-held hammer is the Mini Combination Hammer. These have interchangeable heads for various applications. Some heads are made from steel or rubber and assorted shapes like oval, pointed or flat. 

The narrow tip heads are precision heads and are designed to not dent the surface around the nail when hammering in. This does require patience and practice to perfect. Some use needle nose pliers to hold the small nail in place. 

When working with small nails, a nail setter is a helpful tool to have along for the project. With its magnetic tip, the nail stays in place. It also protects the surface of the area where the nail is hammered in by acting as the “in-between” and preventing the hammer head from hitting and denting the surface. 

Adding a tack hammer to your toolbox along with other tools and craft knives will make sure you are ready for any craft or project that comes your way!