Selecting a Rotary Cutter and Rotary Blades

Whether you’re creating another cosplay costume or are making a new pillowcase, a rotary cutter is a perfect tool for cutting through thin and thick fabrics - and we’ve got the selection for all your needs. 

When choosing a rotary cutter, it’s important to consider what you’re cutting. There are a few sizes to select from each one for a different size blade. A 45mm blade is a versatile blade perfect for daily use on a multitude of fabrics and materials like felt, vinyl or paper.

A smaller 28mm and 20mm blades are the right choice for cutting out curved lines, tight curves and intricate details - small diameter blades allow for better control.

Tool Tip: Have a separate blade for cutting just paper and another for cutting fabrics - the fibers in paper differ from the ones in fabrics, having separate blades will help keep them sharper longer. 

Use the 28mm Skip Rotary Blade for perforating paper or fabrics. This blade is made from tough carbon steel so it can easily cut through several layers.