Aluminum steel
  • Excel Blades Replaceable Tip - 0.058"

    • Made from Carbon Steel
    • The Excel Blades Replaceable Awl Tip is an absolute staple to our collection. This simple tool is truly the most versatile product we offer as it is just a replaceable sharp fixed point tip that can be used for a multitude of tasks.
    • Used with: Wood, plaster walls, PVC, paper, card-stock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, vinyl, cloth, leather, cardboard, foam boards, pumpkin, and more.
    • Used for: etching, marking, piercing, scoring, clay modeling, wood worker, crafting, hobbies, jewelry making, etc.
    • Used by: sculptors, wrappers, paper artists, cake artists, leather workers, and metal workers alike.
    • Approximate length measures 1.19"
    • This tip can fit into the following handles: 30613 / 30614 / 30619 / 30610.

      • Made in the USA

    0.058" Needle Point Awl Replacement Tip

    Product number: #30616



    This knife is best utilized for the following: Precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, Foamcore plastic, Wood, Cloth, Film, Model making, Clay carving, and Pumpkin carving.

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