When a hobbyist needs to bore a fine hole into a project in the craft room, your standard electrical drill simply won’t do.

More often than not, crafters need to drill small bore holes with delicacy and precision. And at Excel Blades, you can trust that we have you covered. Our craft drills are designed for the delicate drilling tasks that crafters need to tackle, providing just the right amount of oomph to satisfy your need while leaving the rest of that precious piece unbothered. 

Whether you’re making jewelry, putting together a little work of art in your woodworking shop or crafting a polymer clay masterpiece, Excel Blades hobby drills are the go-to choice among discerning crafters the world over. 

Indeed, when you’re in need of a logical solution for a drilling task in your craft studio, you can be sure that Excel Blades has the bit you need among our wide assortment of hand drills

Our Mini Pin Vise with 12 Assorted Drills comes with a permanent self-centering aluminum chuck that accommodates drills #50 through #80. Our Swivel Head Pin Vise with 4 Chucks comes equipped with a hexagon swivel head that provides a precision touch, making it ideal for lightweight work on plastic, wood, metals and beyond. Our Double Ended Pin Vise Drill is made of rugged, durable steel, so you can trust that it’ll be with you for the long haul. 

At Excel Blades, we understand crafters and their needs, so you can rest assured that our craft drills are just right for the drilling tasks you need to complete.