Polymer Clay Tools

Polymer Clay Tools

Polymer clay offers a wealth of possibilities for the artist or crafter.

Vibrant colors and flexibility make this synthetic clay ideal for jewelry, figure sculpting and decorative applications. If you are doing fine work, you need appropriate tools for a professional outcome. For example, stainless steel tweezers designed for this medium enables more precisely detailed work. 

What Clay Tools Are Essential?

You need to have a few basic tools for most of your polymer clay projects. First, you’ll need an embossing tool for drawing on and shaping the clay. You’ll also need clay cutters like a retractable pen knife with extra blades, curved point tweezers for placing, lifting and separating fine pieces and a tracing pen set to transfer designs from paper to clay. A scribe tool for creating lettering or designs and slant point tweezers for pinpoint accuracy when placing or moving elements of your project are two other tools that are important.

Suggested Uses for Your Tools

When you first open a package of clay, you need a polymer clay tool to cut it into workable sections. For this purpose, a utility knife works best. Then, roll out the clay sections that need to be flat. This makes it easier to decorate them with your embossing tool or transfer designs with your tracing pen.

Once you have created small pieces to add on a larger piece, use your tweezers to lift and place them accurately. The scribe tool is ideal for signing your completed work prior to baking. It is also useful for drawing facial features and scoring clay to join other pieces.

Tools for Best Results

Polymer clay is a wonderful medium to express your creative vibe. Get the right specialty tools at Excel Blades to create wonderful works of art with professional precision.