Swivel Knife - K4



K4 Swivel Knife - Excel Blades


  • Excel Blades K4 Swivel Knife
  • Aluminum body craft knife
  • Equipped with a replaceable 360° rotating hobby knife blade and safety cap. 
  • Features light duty swivel blade (#64) that rotates 360 degrees. 
  • This tool is best for creating tiny circles and intricate patterns on film, paper, stencils, decals, card-stock, model making, leather, wood, cork.
  • This knife is a must have for designers and hobbyist looking to make the perfect circular designs that is time efficient with ease. 
  • Used by graphic artists, designers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists and crafters for making careful cuts and trims with accuracy and confidence.
  • .31 x 4.75 in - .8 x 12 cm
  • Made in the USA

Swivel Knife - K4

Swivel Knife - K4


Made with excel blades

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