K4 Swivel Craft Knife



K4 Swivel Craft Knife With #64 Rotating Blade by Excel Blade - Lightweight Sharp Hobby Knife - Carving & Crafting Supplies - Precision Cutting Tool For Vinyl, Paper, Scrapbooking, Leather & More


  • CRAFT SWIVEL KNIFE - The high precision design delivers a hyper accurate cut for your art and craft projects, making this the ultimate light duty art knife for any designer or hobbyist’s DIY kit.

    MULTI PURPOSE -  The workhorse of any professional art supplies kit, this indispensable tool of the trade is your new go to for all manner of craft and design projects; including work with vinyl, clay, leather and paper.

    ROTATING #64 BLADE - Featuring a lightweight yet robust aluminum construction, the 360 degree rotating #64 blade on this rotating craft knife is ideal for cutting curved lines or circles into film, paper, stencils, and decals at every possible angle.

    TEXTURED GRIP HANDLE - This USA made crafting knife boasts an ergonomic textured grip .31" x 4.75" handle, allowing for maximum control, unparalleled frictionless movement and incredible balance when compared to any other precision craft knife.

    BLADE INCLUDED - Offering a lifetime of service for a great price, this K4 hobby carving knife comes complete with an Excel #64 rotating blade and shatter resistant safety cap to protect your blade during storage.

K4 Swivel Craft Knife

K4 Swivel Craft Knife


Made with excel blades

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