Made in the USA
Aluminum steel
  • Usage:

    Excel Blades Retractable weeding pen is the perfect tool for car wrappers, cake decorators, and those working with vinyl. Pierce and lift or place cuts with these piercing tools. Unlike other similar products, the Excel Blades model features a replaceable steel tip, which can be replaced by unscrewing the silver tip, removing the spring and then removing the existing tip. The vinyl weeding tool is crafted to fit in your pocket for quick use and is equipped with a pocket clip. This product is Made in the USA.

    Use with:

    Excel Blades has 3 variations of our pin pen weeding tool. The thickness Excel Blades offers are .030”, .060”, and .090”. Replacement tips can be used with 16049, 16050, and 16051. This product can be used with leather, paper, wood, plastic, vinyl, fondant.


    This item is made of carbon steel.

      Weeding Pen Replacement Tip, 2 pack

      Product number: #30622

      Width of Tip:


      This knife is best utilized for the following: Precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, Foamcore plastic, Wood, Cloth, Film, Model making, Clay carving, and Pumpkin carving.

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