Barn and Animal Friends by Mariana Coan @mariana_coan

Excel Blades is excited to introduce our new blogger Mariana Coan.  Mariana is an illustrator and paper artists from São Paulo, Brazil.  She has been working as an illustrator for the last 13 years and has her first book coming out this year!  For Mariana's first blog she wanted to make it fun and easy for the family to enjoy.  Mooooove over game night, we've officially made it craft night!

-Paper (Mariana uses red paper for the Barn and pink paper for the animals)



Step 1 - Print out the two Barn Templates


Step 2 - Cut out the barn, holes and windows (solid lines only).  Cut the doors along the solid lines only so they can open and close.


Step 3 - Fold the barn on the dotted lines. When folding the paper, make sure the dotted lines can not be seen from the front of the barn. (Templates 1 & 2)


Step 4 - Fold the front of the barn (windows and door) so that it faces you.  The bottom of the barn should be the big square.  Start to put glue on the tabs you bent that are on the front of the barn and attache it to the sides. (Template 1)



Step 5 - Glue the back of the barn to the rest of the Barn to close it off from behind. (Template 2)


Step 6 - Grab the last piece of the barn that you cut from template 2 and glue it to the side of the barn.  Now our Barn is complete with a handle for easy transportation. 



Step 1 - Print out the animal template


Step 2 - Cut the animals out by following the solid lines.  Don't forget to cut out the space between the legs.


Step 3 - Fold the animals along the dotted lines.  Make sure the dotted lines show on the inside of the animals.



Step 4 - Glue the tabs you folded together (only by the animals feet)


Step 5 - Now your animals are ready to go in your barn!


Looking to add a little more creativity?  Color the barn and animals before you glue them to make them pop!


For more artwork by Mariana Coan check out her Instagram or visit her website

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