Custom Blades

Excel Blades is a leading North American manufacturer of knives, blades and hand tools, and is the only U.S. Based manufacturer
of precision knives. We are dedicated to providing customers reliable, durable and precision tools.

Our catalog features over 400+ ready-to-ship items. In 2023, our vertical integration project goal has been met, allowing us
to expand our offerings to give manufacturers, OEMS and distributors better customization abilities to serve their business needs.

Excel Blades products are made in our Paterson, NJ blade manufacturing facility. Excel Blades provides American-made products crafted on U.S. soil to your exact specifications.

Whether you are slitting plastic sheets, trimming flashing, cutting carpeting, stripping wire or scraping glass and flooring, we can engineer and manufacture high-quality blades for your custom application. 

Excel Blades Offers a Bevy of Blades

Count on Excel Blades for slitter, blunt, rounded, hook, breakaway, snap, injector and surgical blades.  We offer production of straight-edge blades in carbon steel, stainless steel or specialty materials. Additionally, we offer various coatings to improve life and service of your blades and machines. 

Custom Designed Blades and Knives in High Volume

Excel Blades specializes in straight-edge blades, which we've crafted for over 30 years. Whether you need to supply a window and glass manufacturing facility, tool a carpet manufacturing operation or paper and packaging enterprise, Excel Blades can create it for you! We do high-volume, custom blade orders of 100,000 pieces or more.

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