7 of the Best Tools for Cake Decorating

Are you interested in cake decorating but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry — we have got you covered! Like all other hobbies, cake decorating is not difficult, but it takes time and practice. The most important factor, however, is starting off with the right cake decorating tools. It is a bit of an investment, but you will be prepared to take on many styles of cakes head-on. 

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As you begin to become more comfortable with cake decorating and styling, you will deep dive into the wonderful world of decorations. There are unlimited possibilities for styles, colors and décor. There are also so many different tools you can use to create the different elements and toppers.

Don’t worry about starting out with every gadget on the market. Starting simple is always the key and you can build from there. Below, we highlight seven of the best tools for cake decorating.

The Turntable

Having a turntable for cake decorating is of utmost importance. Can you get the job done without it? Yes. Do you want to? No! This is a tool that is essential because it offers flexibility, great results and makes your life oh-so-much easier. The turntable is simply a base stand to place your cake on top of. This is an essential tool for bakers and home professionals and we think every kitchen should have one.

Now the turntables can become quite expensive, but you don’t need to invest in a high-end one. There are many affordable options available. The turntable allows the decorating process to be seamless and more efficient, especially if you have many cakes to decorate. It allows you to frost the cake more easily. It really does the work for you! Another great feature on many turntables is the lock feature. It allows the turntable to lock for stability, or rotate when necessary. It also can be used as a cake stand when locked. Some options on the market come with a non-slip pad, which prevents the cake from potentially moving around — a feature we think is very beneficial.

Cake Icing Smoother

The cake icing smoother allows for a more professional finish. The stainless steel blade is safe to use with food products. In conjunction with your turntable, you will get nearly perfect results on every cake.

excel precision tweezers


You can add gorgeous, tiny details to all of your cakes and confections with tweezers. Excel Blades’ stainless steel tweezers are perfect for placing small objects with precision. Use them for flowers, edible gold, fruit pieces, sprinkles and other fine details. This will help elevate the design of your cake design.

Hobby Knife

Here is a tool you may not necessarily find in your cake decorating aisle; however, it is one of the most important and versatile products you will buy. Especially essential for those working with fondant, the hobby knife allows you to cut delicate patterns as well as precise lines. It is a simple tool that's very effective when enhancing your flowers, models and sugar ribbons. Excel Blades carries many different handle options you can choose from.

Disposable Decorating Bags

A must-have for professionals and beginners alike, these disposable decorating bags will house your frosting, icing or melted candy, and help you decorate with ease. There are many types of tips on the market, but you can invest in as many or as few as you want, but you should always have stock of these bags. We prefer the 12-inch bags to get more bang for your buck. Whether you are piping, drizzling or swirling, these bags are a must. 

Measuring Tool

It is no secret why a measuring tool is an indispensable tool for cake decorating. As the old saying goes, measure twice, cut once! That applies to all things in life, including decorating. You will save yourself time and aggravation by measuring out your elements and decor. Scaling is important when it comes to making the elements of your cake. Eyeballing sizing can create a lot of do-overs, something we always try to avoid. Excel Blades has a number of wonderful options to help you measure. 

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Stainless Steel Products

One thing to note with all your tools is that it is important to make sure you have stainless steel products. When working in a kitchen, steel is exposed to heat, water and harsh cleaning chemicals in the food industry. Through those exposures, it is best to work with products that can stand up to these conditions.

Stainless steel must remain durable, rust-free and it can be easy to sanitize. Excel Blades offers products in stainless steel, including our #21 blade, which is used with our hobby knife. This ensures long-lasting success and cleanliness in the kitchen. 

using embossing tool on cutout shape

Don’t be discouraged if your first few cakes don’t come out perfect. They will still taste delicious! Practice always makes perfect, and with the right tools, you will become a professional in no time and your family and friends will come begging for more of your gorgeous cakes. You have been warned! Get started on your next design with this list of the best tools for cake decorating.