Botanic Fern Leaf - Maria Marinoni (@maria.marinoni)

From now on you will finally be able to realize your fern leaves bouquet with a few simple steps.  Are you ready to fill your home with a lot of botanical paper leaves?  Follow the video tutorial, grab your tools and enjoy your creative time!
Soft & Flexible Wire
Green Card
Aluminum Ruler
Vinyl Liquid Glue
Brush (for the glue)
Black Ink Pad
Soft Embossing Mat
1. Grab your green card and cut it in half (you should have two equal size pieces)
2. Next, cut a piece of your wire and tape it to one of the green rectangles.
3. Glue the green rectangles to eachother with the vinyl glue and brush
4. Trace the leaf outline with a pencil
5. Cut the outline of the leaf with your K18 knife on the cutting mat
6. Mold the fern leaf with the burnishing set on a soft embossing mat (this will help to make the leaf more realistic.
7. Take your ink pad and paint the edges of the leaves
8. Bend the leaf how you want it
9. Repeat the steps to make a bouquet of fern leaves

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