Card Making Supplies You Need for Your Next Project

Card making is one of our favorite hobbies, of course. There are so many aspects to card making that we love. First and foremost, they are fun to make. Having a creative outlet has always been important, but now, more than ever, it offers a sense of peace and purpose. Making a card for someone is thoughtful and shows that you care. It is easy to stop at the supermarket or local pharmacy to grab a card, but when you make one from scratch, you show others that you care. Not only that, but overall, you save a ton of money! What can be better than that? 

Now the initial investment may be a little steep compared to a $5 store-bought card, but overall, you will see that many of your favorite card making elements may be things you already have lying around the house. This is a hobby that comes out of the scraps of other hobbies. In card making, there is no waste! Keep reading to learn more about how to get started with card making!

Cutting Mat: The first thing you always want to start with is a self healing mat. Depending on the size of your workspace, you want to find a cutting mat that will fit comfortably. Explore all of the sizes and color options Excel Blades has to offer. The mat is a fundamental necessity to all paper cutting hobbies because it protects your workspace. It will protect your table from cuts, glue, sparkles… the list is endless. It is also helpful to have ¼-inch grid squares and measurements along the edges of your mats. It makes it easier to measure things out on the fly.

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Cutting Mat

Paper: The obvious necessity to the entire project is paper. Paper is going to be crucial to any project, but what type of paper you use is all up to you. You can use cardstock, recycled paper, textured paper, matte paper the types of paper are endless! We love the recycled paper with frayed edges for a dreamy Victorian style card. 

Knife: A craft knife allows for the ultimate customization of your card. You are able to cut the dimensions of the overall card in the shape you desire, whether that is a 3D card, a heart-shaped card or your standard rectangular card. It also allows you to cut out the fine details or any elements you may want to add. Discover our Fit Grip knife, which is an excellent choice for those looking for a hobby knife that provides long-term comfort. Depending on the detailed work that you do, this could be critical.

A craft knife

Writing Tools: Whether you prefer pens, color pencils or felt tip markers, writing tools will always be helpful when card making. It allows you to write your message on the interior of the card. You are also able to add details through your card, like florals, patterns and more. It is critical to have writing tools with you through the process. Try to keep it fun and colorful! 

Scissors: Craft scissors are a great tool for rough but straight cuts. They do not give you the precision that a craft knife does; however, they are great for cutting larger pieces of paper. They also work on a variety of thicknesses so you don’t have to worry about the materials you are cutting. Craft longer with our Comfort Grip Scissors, which offer a loopless handle for long-term cutting. 

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The Add-ons: The list of add-ons you can buy to spice up your DIY cards is truly endless. You can add stamps, rhinestones, stickers, pop-ups truly wherever your imagination takes you. The essence of the card is in the design elements. You can either use handmade stamps or purchase a stamp set that gives you a variety of choices in one pack. You can also use ink blocks to stamp text and letters. Rhinestones are always a great addition to give your cards a special pop where needed. But try not to go overboard! There is a whole world of stamps to make the ultimate homemade cards, but we always suggest starting simple and working your way up. 

All of these elements contribute to the beauty of card making and why it is the perfect creative outlet. It allows you to recycle parts and pieces of other projects, it is great for your mental health and helps de-stress. The opportunities to make cards, and customize them, is truly endless. Best of all, it shows your loved one what they mean to you! Whether your loved one loves beautiful cards or funny ones, you can cater to their personality. Start by shopping for must-have essentials with Excel Blades.