DIY Unicorn Name Card - Camilla Catrambone @ovotondo

Excel Blades is excited to announce another new blog artists Camilla Catrambone.  Camilla, born in Florence, Italy, is a 35 year old art director, papercutting artist and mother of an amazing 2 year old boy!  One year ago she was commissioned as an art director to develop a project for a spanish customer, at that moment, she fell in love with papercutting and has been putting together projects ever since.
Cutting Mat (she isn't using ours, but here is a link to ours)
Scissors (she isn't using ours, but here is a link to ours)
Double-Sided Tape
Colored Paper (about 8 different colors and one white paper)


Step 1: Take the white paper and cut it in to a 2” x 2" square

Step 2: Take your 4 colored pieces of paper and cut them into rectangular pieces. (2” x 1”) (Camillia uses purple, green, blue and pink)

Step 3: Take the white card you cut and round the corners

Step 4: Next take your colored rectangles and cut little wave like pieces.  Your first piece should be the largest and the colors should gradually get smaller. (this will be the hair of the unicorn so it is important to make sure you see all the different colors)

Step 5: Glue or tape the colored pieces together.  Largest to smallest so you can see all the colors.

Step 6: Take a little piece of white paper and draw the unicorn ears. (little triangles) Once they are the desired size cut them out.

Step 7: Take a little piece of pink paper and draw little triangles for the inside of the ear.  Cut them out and glue them to the white ears.

Step 8: Take the double-sided tape and tape the hair to the unicorn head. (pieces of the hair will hang off of the side of the head)

Step 9: Next, take another small piece of pink paper and draw half of a circle on the edge.  Cut them out and glue them to the bottom corners of the unicorn head.

Step 10: Cut the excess hair off the unicorn head.

Step 11: Take a yellow or gold piece of paper and draw a triangle for the horn then cut

Step 12: Glue the unicorn ears on the top corners of the unicorn head (where the hair is) and then glue the horn in the center.

Step 13: Draw a star on the yellow piece of paper and cut it out.  Then, glue the star at the start of the hair so it looks like a hair pin.

Step 14: Next, cut a strip of paper (any color you would like) and wrap it around the cup to measure how big it needs to be.

Step 15: Mark where the strip overlaps each other, then cut a slit where you made your mark, wrap it around the cup again and cut off the excess paper

Step 16: Finally, write the name you want on the unicorn name card and glue it onto the strip you put around the cup

Now you are ready to party!


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