Handprint Crafts for Kids

One of the most popular crafts for kids involves their handprints. Take a glimpse at your fridge or family board, odds are there’s at least one there. There’s a reason why these are so popular. First of all, they’re personal. “Mom! It’s my hand!” Another reason is handprints are a versatile shape and can be re-imagined into so many things like animals, robots and starships.  

But if you think you’ve seen them all, we have a fresh batch of ideas below inspired by pop artists like Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley and Richard Anuszkiewicz. So, read on! 

Parent prep: prepare these activities ahead of time for your kids so that they’re ready to create when the time calls for it. 

Craft tools:

  • Self-healing cutting mat - A large one is ideal for you (and your kids) to work on and to protect your table or kitchen counter surface from scratches, glue marks and so on. 
  • Craft scissors 
  • Craft paper in your choice of colors
  • Glue sticks
  • Frames - These can be in whatever sizes and colors you choose. This is the finishing touch to display your kid’s work. 

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Handprint “Op Art”

Handprint “Op Art”

Have your kids trace their hand onto one sheet of craft paper. Then, help them cut out using age-appropriate scissors, or you can do that for them while they work on the step. Safety first!

Take that cut-out handprint and help them make a larger one by tracing around it by adding a border so that the next cut-out is larger and frames the first. Help them cut that one out of a different color paper, and then repeat with a different color paper each time until you’re happy with the size of the art. Work with your kids to stack the handprint cut-out in order and glue them together. 

This project can even become an annual tradition. Each year a new one can be added with the age of your little one noted in the corner. 

Handprint “Pop Art”

Handprint “Pop Art”

Inspired by Warhol’s famous screen-prints, this project can be 2x2 rectangles, or scaled up large! Either way, it’s a fun activity with colors and shapes. 

Ahead of time, cut your kids' handprints out of several bright sheets of paper. Also, cut out rectangles that frame the handprints. 

For the kids: Mix and match the colors of the rectangle background and the handprints. 

Once your creative little one is happy with their arranged rectangles and handprints, help them glue the pieces together. Let the glue dry, then frame and hang up. 

Use a Self-Healing Cutting Mat in Your Crafting Area

Handprint “Op Art Stripes”

Handprint “Op Art Stripes”

This project was inspired by Riley’s hand op art. To prepare ahead of time, cut scraps of paper into small pieces. Alternatively, your kids can rip up scraps of paper into tiny pieces. 

On a traced and cut-out handprint, lightly draw horizontal lines with a pencil. 

For the kids: Using a glue stick, arrange the scraps of paper within the lines to create multi-colorful stripes. 

Once the glue in the project is dry, frame and hang up!