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The holidays are one of our favorite times of the year!  All the home decorations, string lights, Christmas trees, ornaments, and magic that happens around this time always puts a smile on our face.  It is also a great time to sit with the family and make diy crafts. You can give them to the ones you love as a present or keep them for yourself.  Excel Blades paper holiday wreath is easy to make with materials you already have around the house.  Not only is this a beautiful Christmas decoration, it is also kid-appropriate!
This DIY wreath is simple to create, fun for the family, and an inexpensive way to decorate your home.  All you need is some colored paper, a paper plate, glue, and a hobby knife from Excel Blades!  Who knew you could create charming paper plate art for the holidays? This wall hanging paper wreath is sure to get the family asking, “Where did you get that wreath?”
So, grab your hot chocolate, some sugar cookies and get crafting! 
Glue Stick
Paper Plate
Multiple Pieces of Different Colored Green Paper
Step 1: Take your paper plate and K870.  Cut out the center of the plate making it as even as possible. If you feel like the center of the circle is not even, go back with your K870 and trim off any excess parts of the plate to make the cut smooth.
Step 2: Grab your Dual Strip Cutter and adjust the width to your desired size.  Then, take your green papers and begin to cut strips out of each paper.  You will need a lot of strips to create your paper wreath.  We used 2 pieces each of 3 different colored green papers.  Adjust the width of your dual strip cutter to create different size strips for your wreath.
Tip: You can cut two pieces of paper at the same time.
Step 3: Once you have cut all the strips for your wreath, take one green strip at a time and wrap the strip around the plate.  Glue the ends together.
Tip: Use a hot glue gun if you would like the glue to dry faster.
Step 4: Repeat this process while alternating the colors of each green strip until the wreath is full.
Tip: You can cut and add more strips to make the wreath look even fuller!
Step 5: Once you have finished looping all your strips around the paper plate, grab your K870 again.  Push your strips to the side and cut a small hole into the plate.  Grab some string and cut enough to hang the wreath.  Insert one end of the string in the hole and tie the ends together.
You have now created your very own paper holiday wreath!
Oh, what fun it is to craft with the children during the holiday season!  Whether you prefer traditional colors or vibrant, bright colors, this paper holiday wreath is easy to make and fun for the whole family.  You can personalize the wreath by using different colors or adding paper flowers and pom poms.  Not only is this a great art project to hang on your door, but you can also use it to add a touch of seasonal décor to your child’s bedroom or give the artwork as a gift to your favorite person.
We hope you enjoyed creating this easy Paper Holiday Wreath as much as we did!
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