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Have you been looking for a unique serving tray that fits your style? Maybe you want to change up your bar cart and add a pop of color to your bar tray.  We have been thinking the same thing!  There are so many choices of food trays out there that it can become overwhelming.  In this DIY we show you how to create your very own tray from scratch.

This simple how to is the perfect DIY to add your own unique flair to your home.  Create a one-of-a-kind paper strip tray that will have your guests saying “WOW, where did you get that?” Customize your tray by adding different colored paper strips, glitter, patterns and more! Not only is this a useful thing to have in your home, it makes breakfast in bed so much more enjoyable!

Grab your coffee, maybe add a splash of Baileys and let’s get crafting!

A Sturdy Cardboard Box
Different Colored Cardstock


Step 1: Grab your Dual Strip Cutter and adjust the blades to your desired width.  You can adjust the width of the blades from .12” to .63” 

Step 2: Take one of the cardstock papers and start cutting your strips.  Use different colored paper to make your tray as colorful as you want. Make sure you cut a lot of strips for your tray.  The bigger the tray the more strips you will need.

Tip: You can cut two strips at the same time by placing your dual strip cutter on the edge of the cardstock.  Flip the strip cutter over and cut the paper.

Step 3: Once you have cut all your strips, use your K26 Fit Grip Knife and cut the larger strips into smaller ones.  We decided to cut the strips in all different sizes to give our tray a geometric look however, you can cut your strips however you would like.

Now that you have cut all your strips into smaller ones, it is time to start gluing your strips down to the carboard tray.

Step 4: Grab your glue and place a small amount inside the box. Place one strip at a time into the box over the glue.  Continue this process while alternating the colored strips until the entire box is full.

Tip: Set up your strips the way you want to lay them out on your tray before you start gluing them down.

Step 5: Once all the paper strips are glued down let the tray dry. 

Tip: add clear mod podge to the top of the paper strips once they are dried to ensure the paper strips do not get ruined.

You have created your cardboard paper strip tray!


This paper strip tray is a great way to add a unique touch to your home.  Make your tray distinctive by creating shapes, adding monograms, using jewels and more!  Not only is this a great addition to your home, but you can also make one for a loved one as a housewarming gift.

We hope you enjoyed creating this simple cardboard paper strip tray as much as we did!

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