How to Make a Toy Car

Upcycle an empty box into a brand-new custom toy. This project is fun for the whole family! Spend time together while you prep the project and your little one can decorate their new toy car any way they want to. 

The craft tools you’ll need to complete the project:

  • Small empty box - tea, crackers or similar
  • Craft paper
  • Crayons
  • Scissors or safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Self-healing cutting mat 
  • Awl (adult use only)
  • Ruler

Use a Self-Healing Cutting Mat to Protect Your Crafting Space

Set up the working area on the cutting mat, this way all glue marks, crayon marks, etc. end up on the cleanable mat and not your kitchen counter. 

Step One:

For your little one, have them design the exterior pattern of their new toy car by coloring and drawing on sheets of colored paper of their choice. If your cardboard box is large, make sure they make enough to cover the whole surface area of the car. 

Step One

Step Two:

In the meantime, on the long side of the box, mark two lines dividing the area into three sections, they do not have to be even. The first section is going to be the front of the car, the middle will be the door and the last section will be the back of the car. 

Extend the lines to the other side of the box, then cut along one of them. The smaller section is going to be the back of the car. This is now ready to be decorated by your kids.

Find High-Quality Craft Tools for Your Project

Step Two

Step Three:

On the larger section, light score along the second line, the sides will be the door hives and the top will bend upward and be made into the windshield. Cut out an opening in the windshield. This section is now ready to decorate. 

Step Three:

Step Four:

Help your little one to cut out the pieces that will cover each part of the car and then glue them on to fully decorate the toy car. Have fun!