A Helpful Guide: How to Start Making Jewelry

When starting to delve into a newfound hobby, you must invest in the proper tools first. This is particularly true for beginner jewelry makers as well. There is no need to purchase the most expensive tools since there are plenty of long-lasting and affordable tools that will assist you in your endeavor. However, the greater your investment in your jewelry making tools, the better your outcome will be for your DIY jewelry pieces. 

It can be intimidating trying to figure out what tools you should purchase when undergoing a new hobby. Not to worry! Excel Blades has made it very easy for you! Our jewelry making tools collection offers a wide array of long-lasting, American-made tools that will spring you right into your niche. It can be difficult trying to figure out what jewelry tools you should begin your project with. The tips and tricks provided can be used to help you jump start your project! 

Tools to Get You Started:


Pliers are a jewelry making essential that are not just for dad’s toolbox! Excel Blades’ pliers collection includes an array of pliers that are of excellent quality and, more importantly, affordable. Among their many applications, pliers can be used for gripping, bending and twisting a plethora of materials, making them an excellent choice for jewelry making. Our pliers are made of carbon steel, with plastic grip handles designed for ultimate comfort. The secure grip and spring-loaded technology help reduce hand cramping and fatigue while working for long hours. 

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Making Jewelry

Stainless Steel Tweezers

Excel Blades offers several professional stainless steel tweezers, which are great for any type of jewelry making project or hobby. We have different types of tweezers, as well as sets for those who need a variety. From straight point to self-closing tweezers, we have got you covered! Tweezers are the best to use when your fingers are not able to reach small spaces. They are used as tongs or pincers to help pick up and hold smaller beads, gems and wires and allow for accuracy in your projects as well.

Making Jewelry

Jeweler’s Saws

The jeweler’s saw is an indispensable tool to have when creating jewelry and miniatures. You can use it to cut small details, file away frays and develop patterns. Excel Blades offers one of the best jeweler’s saws on the market.  The saw blades will cut soft metals, wood, fiberglass, styrofoam and plastic. So no matter the material you are using to create your project, the jeweler’s saw has you covered. 

Dedicated Workspace:

It is extremely important to have a dedicated workspace when starting a new hobby. This is your haven and the spot for you to focus solely on your projects. Choose a desk space where you can properly organize and display all your materials. It is crucial that you keep everything labeled! This way, you will know where everything is and you will be able to stay organized so all your focus will be on your projects. 

Making Jewelry


As with any hobby or niche, there is always a list of insider words and jargon that is used. When you start delving into jewelry making, it is important to start learning the differences between certain tools and materials so you are more knowledgeable when shopping for necessities. This will save you a lot of time and expense so you are not purchasing the things you will not need. 

Basic Skills:

As you begin learning how to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings, you will be grasping the fundamentals of jewelry making. The technique is in the process. While you are opening and closing a jump ring, using pliers to form a wire loop or closing a crimp bead, you are getting to learn the basics. The more you get to practice using basic jewelry making tools, such as wire cutters, pliers, stretch cord and wire, the easier it will be for you to eventually master it. 

Finding Inspiration:

If you are looking to start making jewelry, you probably have a ton of ideas of what you want to make. As many ideas as you may have, it is always great to seek out more inspiration. Start by checking out Pinterest, your favorite bloggers’ pages and Excel Blades DIY blogs! We have plenty of blogs showing you how to use our tools and fun crafting ideas that they work great for. 

You don’t need to restrict or limit yourself when learning how to start making jewelry. It is a fun hobby to undertake, and you get to express all your creativity over and over again! Excel Blades’ jewelry making collection offers you all the tools you would need to get started, such as pliers, tweezers, saws, files and so much more! Good luck with your new venture. Be sure to tag us on Instagram when you use our tools in your projects at excelblades and excelblades.co

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