Mother's Day Card - Camilla Catrambone (@ovotondo)

Looking to get the perfect gift for mom this year?  What better gift than a gift from the heart made by you!  Check out this amazing DIY card from Camilla Catrambone.  She shows you how to make the perfect card for the perfect mom!
Bone Folder
1. Take a blue A4 card and fold it in half (note: use your bone folder to get a good crease on your card)
2. Cut 3 different circle sizes with the circle cutter.  Place the largest circle on the bottom middle of the card, and the other 2 wherever you'd like. (make sure you do not have the card still folded when cutting the circles)
3. Sketch out the word mom and some decorations to your liking
4. Cut out your sketch
5. Take the yellow piece of paper and cut some thin strips.  Glue them inside the upper right corner circle.  This will be your sun!
6. While the glue dries, stick a colored card on the inside of the card.  (Camilla uses a hot pink card for this)
7. Cut some small squares from the yellow card and glue them inside the smallest circle
8. Now that the glue is dry, cut off the excess pink paper that exceeds the card. 
9. Curl the yellow paper strips using a rigid tool with rounded edges 
10. Using a white marker, decorate the card the way you'd like
Now you are ready to give the card to your mom!

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