How To Make A Paper Flower Wreath [Tutorial]

How To Make A Paper Flower Wreath [Tutorial]

What in carnation are we making today?

While we are a sucker for real plants and flowers, there is something so special and amazing about paper flowers. They just look so delicate and beautiful. The fact that they stay looking gorgeous forever does not hurt either. We have done many paper projects here at Excel Blades, but we have never showed you how to make a 3D paper flower with paper scraps you have around your home. This wreath is perfect for adding a pop of color to your living room, dining room or bedroom.

Spring has sprung and what better way to welcome Spring flowers than with a bright colored paper floral wreath. Not only can this be hung up on your door, you can also use it has a centerpiece for your table, or a headpiece for that next festival you are going to. The great part about this DIY is it is customizable. You can use any colors you want to create your paper flower wreath.

While paper flowers can be daunting, we created an easy way to create timeless flowers for your home.  So, grab some paper and your tools and let's get crafting!


What You Will Need To Make A Paper Flower Wreath

Excel Blades Wire Cutters - #55550
Excel Blades Fixed Needle Point Awl - #30604
Excel Blades K1 Light Duty Knife - #16001
Excel Blades 18" x 24" Self Healing Cutting Mat - #60004
Green Wire
Different Colored Papers
Hot Glue Gun
Petal Template

How To Make A Paper Flower Wreath - Step By Step Guide

 Start by cutting out your petal from the template we provided.

Next, trace 6 petals on one side of your colored paper. Then, trace another 6 petals on the opposite edge of the paper. Continue this process for all of your papers. We decided to trace enough petals to make 12 flowers however, you can make as many as you want!

Now, grab your K1 Light Duty Knife and cut out all of the petals you just drew.

Once you have cut all of your petals, cut off the scraps. Then, cut off a small piece of the paper to make the center of your flowers.

Trim all the sides to ensure the edges are all straight. Then cut the paper in half. Only cut the paper in half if it is to big.

Now, cut strips the whole length of the paper. Make sure you keep about a quarter of an inch uncut. This is where we will apply glue once we are ready to assemble the flower. Continue this process for all of your flowers. We made 12 centers for our flowers.

Next, grab your green wire and wire cutters. We measured and cut our green wire at 12 inches. This is what you will use to make your flower's stem. We cut 12 wires at 12 inches.

Now, let's create our flowers!

Grab your 12 inch green wire and fold it in half. Twist the ends of the wire together.

Then, grab your hot glue gun and flower center. Place glue on the uncut end of the flower center. Using the twisted edge of the wire, smear the glue on the edge and roll the flower center around the wire. You may have to place a little extra glue on the end of the paper to ensure it does not unroll.

Once the glue has dried, using your fingertips or the palm of your hand, sweep the cut edges of the flower's center.

Now. grab a flower petal and your K1 knife. Using the handle of your knife, curl the petals of the flower. Continue this process for all of the petals.

Next, place glue on the straight edge of your flower template. Glue the petal to your flower center. Continue this process for the remaining 5 petals of your flower. Make sure to rotate the petals as you glue them down.

Once you have glued your last petal onto the flower curl any of your petals that need to be fixed. Continue this process for all of your flowers.

Now let's put the wreath together!

Grab your flowers and start to twist the stems together. Alternate between the colors so that you do not have two of the same color flowers next to each other.

Start twisting all of the flowers together into a circle to create your wreath.

Let's give this wreath some leaves!

Grab your green paper and pencil.  Draw out as many leaves as you want.  Then, grab your K1 knife and cut out your leaves.

Using your fixed needle point awl, crease the center of the leaves.

Finally, glue the leaves onto the wreath. You can glue them to the flowers or the wire, whichever you prefer.

You have created your Paper Flower Wreath!

We hope you enjoyed creating this cute DIY birthday card as much as we did! 

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