Paper Quilt DIY - Jason Koons @jason_koons

Take a look at this beautiful DIY by blog artist Jason Koons.  Here, he shows you how to make a quilt pattern with just a few tools.  Pick your pattern and get "quilting"!
6" x 6" Canson Mi-Teintes #140 Indigo Blu Paper
6.5" x 6.5" Strathmore Cream Charcoal Paper
1. Begin by drawing a quilt pattern onto the back side of the blue 6"x6" square paper.  In this case, Jason chose a simple "Ohio Star" pattern that is easy to measur and draw.

2. Use the pencil to shade in the areas that will not be cut out.  While this pattern is relatively simple, shading is an especially good practice to use for more complex patterns.
3. Cut the inner four triangles first.  Use a ruler if you like, but cutting by hand will give the appearance of the naturally curved and imperfect fabric.
4. Carefully cut out the remaining outer triangles.  Be especially careful to leave a thin line of paper on the outside edges of the square.
5. Cut the outer squares next.  Again, be careful to leave a thin line for the outside edge of the square.  At this point, this particular pattern is finished, and is now ready to have the "stitching" added.
6.Using the pounce wheel, carefully push down into the paper to create "stitching" lines on the edges of all the positive shapes left in the pattern.  Again, use a ruler if you like, but doing this by hand will give the appearance of the naturally curved and imperfect fabric.
7. Once the cutting and the pounce wheel work is finished, place your quilt pattern on top of the slightly larger 6.5" x 6.5" creme paper to frame.  Use glue to secure if you would like.
8.  Once finished, experiment with different patterns or colors of paper - the possibilities are endless!
9. The "stitching" might not be so apparent from far away, but as you can see in these close-ups, it gives a nice effect and is a nice suggestion of the fabric quilt itself.

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