Pumpkin Carving Tools for an Awesome Jack O’ Lantern

Are you ready for Halloween and all the fun spooky crafting that comes along with the holiday, including pumpkin carving?

We are! And we have a few tools to recommend for carving awesome Jack O’ Lanterns. The right tools can make all the difference when carving pumpkins. 

excel blades awl


To transfer the design, like the ones from Zombie Pumpkins, onto the pumpkin surface, use an awl. Use the fine and sharp tip to mark the outline by puncturing through the outline and into the pumpkin surface. Dots should be spaced close together.

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Pounce Wheel

Another way to transfer the image onto the surface of the pumpkin is to use a pounce wheel. The rotating wheel has pointed spikes. Roll this over the stencil with some pressure to transfer the outline. Watch our video to see the tool in action. 

K6 Heavy Duty Knife

The handle is made of durable machined aluminum. The hexagonal shape prevents it from rolling off the work table. The four jaw aluminum chuck safely holds blades in place. Use with the No. 26 Whittling Blade to cut away and refine larger details of the Jack O’ Lantern.

saw blades pumpkin carving

Saw Blade

The No. 27 blade features teeth on the cutting edge, measures 3” in length and is tapered towards the tip. It can be used to insert into a smaller opening to enlarge. Use it to cut open the top of the pumpkin (to scoop out the interior) and to cut out the general features of the pumpkin design. Use with the K5 or K6 handle. 

Whittling Blade

A heavy duty blade which measures 3” with a cutting edge on one side. The tip is rounded and, as the name suggests, this blade is for whittling — the cutting and shaping of a material. Fits into K5 and K6 handles. 

Carving Gouges

Carving Gouges

For surface detailing, use carving gouges and routers. These precision tools are good for removing thin layers from the surface of the gourd. Create patterns like polka dots, pin stripes or swirls. Use with the K5 or K6 handle. 

For more tips, read our post on How to Carve a Pumpkin.