Toucan DIY - Camilla Catrambone @Ovotondo


In this tutorial Camilla Catrambone shows us how to make the perfect Toucan.
If we can do is Toucan too!
Thick Double Sided Tape
Colored Paper (black, red, orange, white, different shades of green)


Step by Step Process
Step 1: On the black card draw the body of the toucan.
Step 2: With the white card, cut out an irregular shape to be placed under the beak of the toucan.
Step 3: Using the orange card, cut out an arched beak shape and add the two black details. Glue the beak and prepare the eye with the black and white cardboard.
Step 4: With the red card, cut the tail of the toucan.  Cut it vertically using Excel Blades K26 fit grip knife. Paste the tail under the final part of the toucan's body.
Step 5: Cut 4 to 5 feathers of different shapes with the black card and glue them under the red tail.
Step 6: Now, take the green cards and draw leaves of different shapes and sizes.  Then cut them out.
Step 7: Using a piece of cardboard as a base, start gluing the leaves using the thick double sided tape to give depth to the composition. Create a circular composition and as the last element attach the toucan to the center of the composition of leaves.

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