Turtle DIY - Jason Koons @jason_koons

Take a look at this turtley awesome DIY by Jason Koons!  It will really bring you out of your shell.
8.5" x 11" Canson Mi-Teintes #140 Indigo Blue Paper (98lbs)
1. On the back of the paper, begin by drawing the outline of the turtle and the turtle shell.  The shell itself consists of 3 central hexagon shaped chambers, surrounded by nine additional chambers to form an oval.  The central oval of the shell is then surrounded by 23 smaller chambers, which form a ring.  Symmetry is important in the shell; the head, legs, and tail can be drawn in a more organic way.
2. After completing the basic outlines, it is a good idea to add some cross contour lines to represent the direction of the cuts that will be made inside the chambers of the shell.  These lines will serve as a loose guide once the cutting starts.
3. Begin cutting the central chambers first.  Each of the chambers should start with a central "U" shaped cut. 
4. After the first central "U" shaped cut, continue adding curved cuts that contour to the previous curved cut - working out from the center towards both the right and left edges of the chamber.
5. Continue this pattern of cutting for each of the central chambers.  Try to work as evenly and symmetrically as possible to ensure the shapes and lines on either side of the shell match.
6. The interior chambers should look something like this when finished.
7. Begin cutting the chambers that form the outside ring of the shell.  Again, work evenly and symmetrically.
8. The finished chambers of the shell should look something like this when finished.
9. Carefully trim around the shell, head, legs, and tail.  Then carefully remove the turtle from the surrounding paper with your hollow point tweezers.
10. If desired, carefully cut some space for the whites of the eyes, and markings on the head and/or legs
11. All finished!  Frame and display as desired.
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