Blade Compatibility: The K18 Grip-on Knife & All the Blades That Fit.

K18 Cushion Knife and compatible blades

The K18 Cushion Grip Knife is one of our most popular hobby knives. It's got a cushioned grip that's comfortable to hold when compared to the standard aluminum knife. It's available in several colors, including blue, green, red and purple - which means you can pick one that suits your whimsy.  

This knife is also compatible with many blades, not just the amazing #11 blade. It works with the #5, #6, #10, #11, #12, #13, #16, #17, #17A and #21. So, what are all these different types of blades? Read on... 

Excel Blades #5 Angled Chisel Blade

The #5 Angled Chisel Blade is used for light chiseling, gently removing layers and shaping material. It is considered a light duty blade. The cutting edge on this blade measures 0.332".

Excel Blades #6 Stencil Edge Blade

The #6 Stencil Edge Blade, like the name states is used for creating stencils and it can also be used for trimming and scoring delicate materials. The short and angled cutting edge is great for tiny details.

The #10 Curved Edge Blade is maneuverable thanks to its feature: the curved cutting edge. 

The #11 Double Honed Blade needs no introduction, it is by far the most commonly used knife and our best seller. It is a light duty all-purpose blade. 

The #12 Mini Curved Edge Blade has a short, curved cutting edge adding maneuverability when working with small scale projects. 

The #13 Fine Saw Blade is like a very small saw. Used to smoothly cut through small diameter materials like brass tubing, silver wire or copper. Can also be used on other soft materials like balsa, plastic or resin. 

The #16 Stencil Edge Blade is a great alternative blade for paper cutouts and paper illustration. The unique shape allows for good control and the angle of the cutting edge allows for precise cutting. It is double honed. Can be used on paper, craft materials, vinyl, polymer clay and more.

20017 Excel Blades #17 Chisel Blade

The #17 Small Chisel Blade is used for light chiseling, shaping and layer removal on small projects requiring precision. It is double honed and a light duty blade. Great for model makers and diorama artists. 

The #17A Narrow Chisel Blade is similar to the #17, but it's double honed cutting edge is narrower. There is another blade that completes the array of chisel blades: The #18 Large Chisel Blade, however it is a medium duty blade and only works with larger handles like the K6. This blade features a wider cutting edge approximately .5" wide.

And last but not least, the #21 Stainless Steel Blade is similar to the #11 blade but made of stainless steel. Used by paper artists, collage artists, photographers, scrapbookers, car wrappers, modelers and more.