Made in the USA
Heavy duty
  • Excel Blades - 9mm Snap-Off Precision Blades, 30° Replacement Blade

    The car wrapper's choice blade!

    • Excel Blades super sharp all-purpose blade replacement is equipped with a 6-point carbon steel snap blade.
    • Comes in pack of 10 or 100
    • When the blade gets dull, simply snap off the tip revealing a new sharp blade.
    • Features 30° angle to each notch, acting as an alternative to the traditional #11 Double Honed Blade. 
    • You can use this blade for cutting cardboard packages, paper, plastic, canvas, cloth, film, model making, pumpkin carving, card-stock, foam boards, tape, wood, polymer clay, vinyl, cork and more. 
    • This blade is typically used by cosplayers/prop makers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists, architects, paper artists, graphic artists, designers, crafters, homeowners, contractors and can be found in most garages.
    • Fits with Excel Blades K10, K14, K70, K73 & K810 Handles
    • L – 3.144/ H – 0.314/ E – 2.968/ T – 0.015
    • Made in the USA

9mm 30 Degree Snap-Off Precision Blade

Product number: #20030



This knife is best utilized for the following: Precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, Foamcore plastic, Wood, Cloth, Film, Model making, Clay carving, and Pumpkin carving.

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