18MM 8-point Snap Blade

5 pcs.
  • 5 pcs.
  • 100 pcs.


Excel Blades - 8-point 18mm Snap Blade

Excel Blades super sharp heavy-duty blade replacement is equipped with an 8-point snap blade.  This economical blade works great for almost any heavy-duty task or project.  When the blade gets dull, simply snap off the tip revealing a new sharp blade.  We coat the blade with a thin layer of oil for rust protection. 
Made in the USA, the 18mm Snap Blade is the perfect blade for all heavy-duty projects.  This blade is great for cutting cardboard packages, paper, plastic, canvas, card-stock, cloth, film, cork, model making, pumpkin carving, foam boards, tape, wood, polymer clay, vinyl, plastic, rope, rugs, stripping insulation and other heavy-duty materials.  This blade is typically used by hobbyist, scrapbook artists, architects, paper artists, graphic artists, designers, crafters, wood carvers, laborers, carpenters, homeowners, contractors and can be found in most garages. 

The 18mm Snap Blade fits with Excel Blades K13, K815 & K850 Handles
Available in packs of 5 and 100
L – 3.320/ H – 0.708/ E – 3.960/ T – 0.021
Made in the USA

18MM 8-point Snap Blade

18MM 8-point Snap Blade


Made with excel blades

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