Heavy duty
  • Excel Blades - K10 Snap Blade Knife - Set of 48 K10 Knives

    • Equipped with a slim plastic body
    • Includes Excel Blades' #3 13-point snap blade (9mm)
    • Retractable Blade
    • Includes push lock for safety
    • This economical knife works great for almost any light duty task or project.  When the blade gets dull, simply snap off the tip revealing a new sharp blade.
    • Perfect for cutting cardboard packages, paper, plastic, canvas, cloth, film, model making, pumpkin carving, card-stock, foam boards, tape, wood, polymer clay, vinyl, cork and other light-weight materials. 
    • Used by homeowners, contractors, warehouse staff and can be found in most garages. 
    • Includes 48 Pieces of Excel Blades 16010 - 9MM Snap Knife

K10 9MM Snap Knife - 48 Pack Display Set

Product number: #77K10