Made in the USA
  • Excel Blades Sanding Stick with 2 Belt Sanders 

    • Excel Blades Sanding Stick With two replacement belts (package includes one stick, two belts)
    • Available with #80, #120, #240, #320, #400, #600 grit belts  
    • The Sanding Stick is made of impact combating plastic with spring tensioned technology
    • Used for wood sanding, deburring, grinding, shaping and finishing and array of materials.
    • Perfect for sanding hard to reach places.
    • The design of the sanding stick allows you to fully control and rotate the belt, so all areas of the belt may be utilized.
    • The spring-loaded tension allows the belt to stay in place and the tapered end permits easy access for detailing.
    • The sturdy aluminum oxide sanding belt is perfect for grinding, general sanding and will achieve ultimate smoothness.
    • Sanding sticks come in assorted colors to easily identify grit. All belt grits are compatible with all colored sticks. 
    • All belt grits are compatible with all colored sticks.
    • Made in the USA and Germany.

Sanding Stick with 2 Belts

Product number: #55721