• Excel Blades Large Rotary Cutter with 2 Blades


    - Locking mechanism to keep blade in place when in the open or closed position.

    - Spare blade included, conveniently stored in the back of the handle.

    - Ergonomic handle design. 

    A rotary cutter is a cutting tool used in sewing, quilting, and crafting to cut fabrics or other materials into precise shapes and sizes.

    Unlike traditional scissors, which require the user to lift and lower the blades as they cut, a rotary cutter is designed to roll smoothly along the fabric, making it easier to cut through single or multiple layers at once.

    Commonly used for cutting quilt blocks or cutting out pattern pieces for a garment. Can also be used on a variety of other materials, including paper, felt, leather, and vinyl. This makes rotary cutters a useful tool for a wide range of crafting projects and is a valuable addition to any sewing or crafting toolbox.

    Fits with the 45mm Straight Rotary Blade

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Large Rotary Cutter with 2 Blades

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