Hello all you creatives, crafters, cosplayers, paper artist and hobbyist!

If you're unsure of which craft knife is for you, or which size cutting mat to get, on this page we'll bring you our latest best-selling and popular items to help you pick!

The K18 Cushion Grip-on Knife

Excel Blades K18 Cushion Grip-on Paper Cutter Knife

This knife features a four-jaw chuck to keep the blade in securely, an anti-roll hex shaped bit on the back, a grip handle. It comes with our Excel Blades No11 Blade and a safety cap. The knife is compatible with other blades (see image).

Cutting Mat

Cutting mats are the unsung hero of the work space; they protect your table surface and keep the blades sharper longer because they're softer than a wooden or metal surface (which can dull blades much faster). They are easy to clean too!

The Number 11 Blade

Excel Blades Number 11 Blade Double Honed Blade Very SharpOur best-selling blade! It's double-honed. It's sharp. It's made in the USA.