• All orders must have Excel Blades item numbers.
  • All orders under $150 will not be fulfilled.
  • All items must be shelf pack quantity. We reserve the right to modify your order to the nearest shelf pack.
  • All items must reflect 2022 pricing. If you do not have the 2022 pricing, please email orders@excelblades.com for your price sheet.
    • Please note due to inflations and ongoing supply chain issues across the globe, pricing is subject to change at any time, without prior notification.
    • Excel Blades does not provide letters of price increase for individual customers.
  • All orders must be submitted to orders@excelblades.com
  • All quotes are valid for 30 days only.

Credit Card Customers: 

  • All credit card customers with orders under $500 dollars are subject to a $5.00 surcharge.


  • Please contact for information on how to receive free freight.
    • Only applicable within the continental United States.
  • Private label and special item customers do not qualify for free freight on any order amount.
  • We are happy to charge shipping to your Fedex/ UPS account, please provide the account number on your purchase order.

Proforma customers:

  • Please note, by approving your proforma you are acknowledging that all items and item descriptions are correct. Excel Blades will fulfill your order based on your approved proforma after your payment has been received. No further changes can be made. Please be advised, if custom item details are not included on your purchase order and any changes or modifications are required after approval of the proforma invoice or shipment, the customer is held responsible for any additional charges including shipping.

Claims and Returns:

  • Returns: Excel Blades will gladly return product within 15 days of the customer receiving the product. Please note the customer is responsible for covering the cost of shipping. Please email claims@excelblades.com to begin the return process.
    • Please note, the return may be subject to a 15% restocking fee.
    • Customer must send tracking number for return.
  • Shortship: Please send your claims and PO number to claims@excelblades.com. This must be done within 15 days of receiving the order.
  • Damaged / Faulty items: Please send your claims and photos of the damaged or faulty items to claims@excelblades.com.
  • Received incorrect items: Please send a photo and PO number to claims@excelblades.com.
  • We do not honor overstock returns. 

Private Label and Special items:

  • All custom and private label orders must include all pertinent information on the order. It is the customers responsibility to provide ALL pertinent information needed for private label on their purchase order. Excel Blades we will not be held responsible if they did not include instructions and detail on the order.
    • Details may include, but not limited to – barcodes needed, special pack out, custom colors, special sizing, etc.