• Excel Blades – Coping Saw with 4 Extra Blades


    One of Excel Blades strongest and most reliable blades.

    • The Excel Blades Coping Saw Collection are lightweight saw blades crafted for the projects that clearly require more power and precision than most saw blades that you will find at a tool shop. Adjusting the thumb screws on the Coping Saw handles will allow for exact tension of the blade.
    • Contains: (1) Coping Saw Handle / (2) #1 Coping Saw Blades / (1) #2 Coping Saw Blade / (1) #3 Coping Saw Blade.
    • Blade length: 165mm (6.5inches)
    • Narrow Blades: 2.8mm -
      16T (Teeth Per Inch) / PPI: 17P (Points Per Inch)
      20T (Teeth Per Inch) / PPI: 21P (Points Per Inch)
      28T (Teeth Per Inch) / PPI: 29P (Points Per Inch)
    • Wide Blade: 6.0mm - TPI: 24T (Teeth Per Inch) / PPI: 25P (Points Per Inch
    • High Carbon Steel
    • Used with: Thin and/or light material (paper, wood, plastic, PVC, pumpkins, styrofoam, and thin metal).
    • Used for: precise cutting and slicing of wood, plastic, rubber, PVC pipe, pumpkins, styrofoam, and thin metal.
    • Used by: architects, wood carver, designers, hobbyists, and crafters.
    • This blade fits the following blades only: #1 Coping Saw Blade / #2 Coping Saw Blade / #3 Coping Saw Blade.
    • 7” x 4.5” Deep Saw
    • California Prop 65 Warning: Nickel. Dust. - Cancer. For more information visit: www.p65warnings.ca.gov/

Coping Saw

Product number: #55676