Made in the USA
Carbon steel
  • Excel Blades - K5 Handle + Saw Blade

    • Razor Saw Set includes K5 Heavy Duty Hobby knife handle, a 5" steel pull saw blade with 46 teeth per inch
    • Used for: cutting wood, soft metals
    • Used with: wood, plastic, metals
    • Used by: hobbyist, wood workers
    • Made in the USA

    Looking to expand your tool arsenal? Try our Razor Saw Set. It is ideal for hobbyists and wood workers and noted as an indispensable tool of the trade. The hobby razor saw is engineered using high quality aluminum and steel for strength. It is known for its durability and is rated as an excellent professional tool. At Excel Blades our razor saw set is made in the USA and is the ideal DIY tool for men and women alike. It includes our K5 Heavy Duty Hobby knife handle and a 5" steel pull razor saw blade which has 46 teeth per inch. This tool is ideal for cutting wood, soft metals and is often used with plastic. If you are a home DIYer you will be pulled in by all the benefits that this razor saw has to offer.

    Razor Saw PROS:

    • Less energy needed for cutting 
    • Quicker cutting than many handsaws 
    • More flexibility 
    • Heavy duty handle 
    • Replaceable saw blades 

    Eliminates the need for sharpening dull or damaged blades Our Razor saw set is very versatile which has a great deal to do with their thinner blades, they are great for DIY projects around the home. It is the season for crafting and Excel Blades’ razor saw set is sure to assist with any DIYs you have up your sleeve.

    • California Prop 65 Warning: Dust.- Cancer. For more information visit:

Razor Saw Set

Product number: #55001