Card with Pockets - Camilla Catrambone (@ovotondo)

Excel Blades is excited to show you our new DIY project for this week presented by Camilla Catrambone @ovotondo.  Camilla shows you a creative way to make a card with pockets.  Put in a letter, cash, a giftcard or even photos to make this card really stand out.  
Double Sided Tape
Tons of colored paper (DIN A4)
1. Take the light blue paper and cut it at 15cm, on the longer side
2. Take the deep blue paper and cut a wave.  The piece should be smaller in height, but the same length as the light blue paper.
3. Repeat the same step with the very light blue paper.  This piece should be a little smaller than the deep blue paper but the same length as all the paper.
4.Glue the very light blue wave on the deep blue wave and the resultant piece on the light blue one.
Note: only glue along the edges of the paper and alighn the pieces to the bottom
5. Cut an irregular line on the sand colored paper.  Same length as the blue pieces.
6. Take the brown paper and draw a palm tree trunk and two coconuts.  Then, cut them out.
7. Draw the leaves on the green paper and cut them out.
8. Glue the leaves and coconuts to the trunk.
9. Cut a little line on the left side of the sand and insert the palm tree in the "pocket".
10. Draw a crab on the orange paper and cut it out.
11. Glue the crab to the sand.
12. Glue the sand strip in front of everything.  Make sure it is aligned with the bottom.
13. Take a long strip of white paper and measure 21cm from the right and 21 cm from the left.  Draw the lines and score them using a round tool.  You can use the back of the K18 knife for this.
14. Fold the strip along the two scored lines, take the composition and glue it on the right inside part of the white paper.
15. You are finished!  Use the waves as pockets and insert whatever you'd like.  Photos, money, gift cards or even a letter.

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