How To Make A Custom Shadow Box For Valentine's Day [Tutorial]

How To Make A Custom Shadow Box For Valentine’s Day [Tutorial]

Are you looking for a unique valentine’s gift for that special someone?

Love is in the air during all the holidays however, there seems to be a little extra romance on Valentine’s Day!  We are always looking for cute, personalized Valentines gifts.  Whether it is a gift for him or a gift for her, a custom shadow box is sure to make them smile! 

In my household I am known for procrastinating.  So, waiting last minute to get a Valentine’s gift was no surprise.  This year I thought, what better way to show my love then by making my own gift. Then it hit me, just like cupid’s arrow of love, I should make a shadow box!  I didn’t want to make just any shadow box, I wanted this shadow box to have some kind of magic incorporated.  Something that is sure to be a unique gift like no other.

In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to make a cute homemade valentine shadow box.  We had some extra poster board and thought “This is the perfect opportunity to make a shadow box for our loved ones!”  Make this shadow box for him, for her, or for a family member.  Customize your shadow box for valentine’s day by asking someone to be mine or letting them know I love you.  Our cuboid magic shadow box will project your custom message onto any wall. 

This custom-built shadow box is easy to make and completely customizable.  There is no template needed to create this work of love!  Make a small shadow box for each person in your life.  Our magic shadow box is the best valentine’s day gift idea yet!  It is so easy that even the kids can make one.

Grab some posterboard, a knife (or two), a tealight candle and some hot glue to recreate this unique shadow box for valentine’s day!


What You Will Need to Make A Shadow Box

Excel Blades Deluxe Knife Set - #44286
Alumicutter Ruler from Excel Blades Alumikit - #90122
Excel Blades 12” x 18” Self-Healing Cutting Mat - #60062
Hot Glue Gun

What You'll Need To Make A Custom Shadow Box


How To Make A Custom Shadow Box

First, grab your alumicutter ruler, your pencil and poster board.  Start by drawing out 6 squares.  You can make them any size they just all need to be the same size.  We wanted to create a small shadow box, so our squares are 3 inches by 3 inches.

Tip: measure twice and cut once!

Once you have drawn out all 6 squares, grab your K2 medium duty knife from your deluxe knife set.  Using your alumicutter ruler, cut out all 6 squares.

K2 Medium Duty Knife Cutting Poster Board Squares

Next, draw any design you want onto 4 of the squares you just cut out.  We drew hearts on 3 of the squares and “I <3 you” on the last of the 4 squares.  Finally, take your 5th square and draw a smaller square on top of it.  This will act as a “window” for the shadow box.  You also have the option to leave the top of the shadow box closed, this is entirely up to you.

Now that you have drawn your designs onto the squares, grab your mitre box, your K5 heavy duty handle, and your razor saw blade.  Place your mitre box at the edge of the table.  If you do not have a straight edge on your table, take your wooden box from the deluxe knife and tool set and place the mitre box on the straight edge opposite of the lock.  Then, take one of your squares and place it inside your mitre box where the cut will be at a 45-degree angle.  Make sure the design you just drew is facing you. Now, cut the edge of the square to create a mitre edge (your edge will now be at a 45-degree angle).  Repeat this process for all 6 squares on all 4 sides.

Cutting Poster board With A Mitre Box, K5 Heavy Duty Handle and Saw Blade

Let’s cut out the designs you drew on your squares!  We chose to use our K2 Medium Duty Knife and #24 deburring blade to cut out our designs however, you have many different options of handles and blades to use to cut out your design in this set.  Use what makes you feel most comfortable!

K2 Medium Duty Knife Cutting Out Hearts In Poster Board

Once all your designs are cut, it is time to assemble the box.  Grab your hot glue gun and two squares with a design on it.  Place glue on your mitre edge on one of the squares and place the other square onto the glue so they stick together.  Then grab another square and glue that to one of the squares you just glued.  Finally, glue the last square with a design to the three squares you just glued together. You should now have a cube without a top or bottom assembled. 

Grab your square that does not have any design on it.  This is the bottom of your cube.  Place hot glue on all the mitre edges.  Grab the cube you just assembled and place it on top of the square to create a bottom on your shade box.

For this last step, you have the option to glue your top piece onto the box or just set it on top.  We decided to glue ours to the cube.  Add glue to your mitre edges and glue the top piece of your square onto the cube.  You have not created your custom shadow box!

Grab a tea light candle, or a battery-operated candle, and place it inside the shadow box.  Turn off the light and place your custom shadow box by a wall to see your designs projected onto the wall. 

This is a great gift for valentine’s day, birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any holiday!  It is super easy, customizable, and a great way to show someone you care.  You get to put your own little twist on a unique gift for someone special.  This tutorial is so easy that even the kids can join in! 

We hope you enjoyed creating your custom shadow box as much as we did! 

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