DIY Tutorials

Doodle Art Card - Maria Marinoni (@maria.marinoni)

Let your friends admire your greeting card decorated with doodle art and paper cutting technique! You just need a few simple tools: follow this video tutorial step by step and free your imagination, don't forget that perfection does not exist: there is only space for creativity and imagination. Enjoy!     Materials K18 Grip On Knife Deluxe ...
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Spring Time Postcard - Mariana Coan (@mariana_coan)

Spring has sprung and we are so excited for the beautiful flowers that have bloomed.  Mariana Coan has the best tutorial for spring!  Check out this amazing DIY Spring Time Postcard.  These 3D flowers will have you sniffing the paper.   Materials K18 Grip On Knife Alumicutter Cutting Mat Embossing Stylus with Needle Point Tip A4 Paper, Mediu...
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Donut Card - Margaret Scrinkl (@scrinkl)

   Scrinkl makes Sprinkles!   Margaret Scrinkl shows us how to make a sprinkled donut with just a few tools.  Get creative and add stars, hearts, or anything you want on your donut.  This is a great DIY for the whole family to do just remember, these donuts are paper not food!   Supplies K18 Grip-on Knife Circle Cutter (she doesn't use Excel B...
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