DIY Tutorials

Diamond Art DIY - Cora @excelblades

   Diamond art is a fun way to create colorful art with a sparkle! Check out this amazing DIY by one of Excel Blades very own.   Supplies Slant Point Tweezers K18 Cutting Mat Diamond Art Colored Paper Glue Stick   Process 1. Grab your diamond art and the diamonds you need   2. Start by doing one color of diamonds at a time.   3. Put the diamon...
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Customized Notebook Cover DIY - Margaret Scrinkl @scrinkl

Tired of your plain notebook cover?  Well, Scrinkl has the solution for you!  Check out this awesome DIY by Margaret Scrinkl.  She will have you making all your notebook covers just as unique as you!    Supplies K18 Grip On Knife Cutting Mat Notebook Pencil       For more artwork from Margaret Scrinkl visit her Instagram by clicking here...
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Dream Catcher DIY - Cora (@excelblades)

  Catch dreams not feelings with this easy tutorial on how to make your own dream catcher!  With just a few tools and some jewels, everyone will want you to make them one!   Supplies Colored Paper Black paper with your dream catcher design K18 Grip-On Knife Glue Retractable Weeding Tool Hot Glue Gun Slant Point Tweezers Comfort Grip Scissors J...
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