various cosplay diy materials next to a sketch and outline of a costume

How to Make Cosplay Wings

When the cosplay character you chose has wings, the idea of creating this additional feature can seem overwhelming at first. But with a few strateg...

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a cosplay sword next to a cosplay utility belt

How to Make a Cosplay Sword

If you’re a cosplay beginner, don’t sweat! Start off easy and perfect your newfound craft with practice. This article is about a basic foam cosplay...

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a mantle decorated for the fourth of july

Fourth of July Craft Ideas

Beautiful and festive decorations can lift the mood and add something special to your everyday living space. Making them yourself is a point of per...

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a pair of hollow point tweezers holding several beads

Best Tweezers for Crafting

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word tweezers? Need a minute?  We bet you’re probably NOT thinking about how many...

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summer scrapbook idea

Summer Scrapbook Page Ideas

Straight from the pages of fashion magazines, we’ve got fresh and trendy ideas for your summer scrapbook pages. Maximalism and vibrance is at its b...

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