DIY Banana Valentines + a Free Printable!

Even though I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day, I do love the actual Valentines. They're adorable, and I would be happy to receive literally any Valentine rather than all the other stuff that comes with the holiday. I mean, who can pay $100 for a teeny bouquet of flowers?! Whether you want to give your gal pals a cute Valentine’s gift or make your S.O. smile, I've got you covered with these punny little Valentines with a printable pun and a homemade touch. 

DIY gift ideas are the perfect non-candy alternative to impress your friends and loved ones. Handmade gifts are thoughtful and are sure to be cherished long after Valentine’s Day is over. And these banana Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to be my favorites forever! Using my trusty Excel Blade craft knife, I created a layered effect so that yellow bananas shine through the paper. 

What's your favorite banana pun? I think I like "Let's never split" the best! But a few other good ones include “I’m bananas for you” or “You’re my favorite of the bunch!” 

As you know by now, I use my Excel Blades soft grip craft knife for just about EVERYTHING. For these Valentines, it's the perfect tool for cutting out mini banana shapes from colored cardstock so that you can see the yellow cardstock shining through. Topped with printable banana puns, you can customize the colors of your cardstock however you'd like. 

Gift them as is, or write a quick note on the back side of the banana Valentine to personalize it for the recipient! I think you could make these for adults or kids as a class Valentine. Maybe I'll give them to my nieces!

How to Create an Adorable Banana Valentine’s Day Gift

Time: 15 minutes


Step 1: Cut the yellow paper to size 3 x 5 inches using the paper cutter to ensure clean, precise cuts. Then, cut the colored cardstock to the same size. Set the yellow aside. 

Tip: Use the grid pattern on the cutting mat as a guide to measuring your cardstock dimensions. The left-hand edge has measurements in inches, including increments of 1⁄10 of an inch for precision crafting. 

Step 2: On top of the mat, use the Excel Blades knife to cut out the black middle of the banana template (half moon shape). This will act as a stencil for your next cuts. 

Tip: Print the banana stencil template on thick cardstock if your home printer can handle it (most printers can handle up to 80-pound cardstock). This will make it easier to get clean cuts on the colored cardstock.

Step 3: Place the stencil over the colored cardstock that will be on top. Hold the papers in place with one hand and cut around the stencil with the other. Remove the paper to reveal a banana shape. Repeat in no particular pattern all over the paper. 

Tip: Check under the stencil each time before you cut a new banana shape. This will prevent you from accidentally placing a new cut-out too close to another and ruining your design. You can also try flipping the stencil over or turning the cardstock over to make banana shapes bending different directions. This will create a more dynamic design. 

Step 4: Once all of the banana shapes are cut, spread the glue stick all over the back side and stick on top of the yellow paper, lining up the edges. Use the Excel Blades knife to trim the edges as needed so they are even. 

Tip: Use the banana cut-outs and stick them to the opposite side of the yellow cardstock to create a charming reversible design and reduce wastage.

Step 5: Cut out the templates for the printable banana puns and apply glue to the back side. Stick to the approximate middle of the card. 

Tip: For a professional-looking finish, use a ruler to mark the center of the top edge and long edge of the cardstock to find the exact middle of the card.  

Step 6: Lastly, use the black marker to dot the ends of the bananas. This makes the ends of the banana and makes them appear more defined. 

Tip: Use a water-based art marker like Uni-Poscar or Prismacolor to add the details to your bananas. These markers won’t bleed through the paper. 

Then, they're ready to give out! Whether you're giving these to kids or adults, I think they'll appreciate the cute pun and the sentiment behind it. Don’t forget to post your funny fruity creations on social media by tagging us on Instagram at excelblades and

Happy Valentine's Day