How To Make A Donut Card - Margaret Scrinkl (@scrinkl)

How To Make A Donut Card

What is sweet, delicious, and comes in a ton of different flavors? DONUTS!

In this tutorial, watch as Margaret Scrinkl shows us how to make a sprinkled donut card. The perfect card for birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, holidays, or any day! Although this DIY Donut Card is not edible, it sure is sweet.  Donut just ask us, see for yourself! This step-by-step tutorial is easily customizable and looks delicious. Get creative and add stars, hearts, or anything you want and give it to the one you love.

Now I do not know about you, but we LOVE donuts. Whether it is strawberry frosted with sprinkles, a chocolate éclair, or a powdered donut stuffed with jelly, they are all delicious and we will take one of each! Scrinkl’s paper donut card is a sweet treat for that special someone.

You only need a few tools and some colored paper to recreate Scrinkl’s donut card.  Grab your K18 Grip-On Knife, a circle cutter or compass, craft scissors, a pencil, glue, double sided tape, colored paper and the alumicutter ruler from Excel Blades alumikit.  We are sure that Scrinkl’s Donut Card Tutorial will drive you glazy!

Now, let us bake up some donut cards!

What You Will Need To Make A Donut Card

Double Sided tape
Different colored papers
Materials You Will Need To Make A Donut Card

Grab a piece of paper and draw a smaller rectangle or square with your pencil to create a window on your card. Make sure your window is almost as big as the paper itself. You want to leave about .25" - .5" border on the card. Once you have drawn your window, cut out the window using Excel Blades K18 Grip-On Knife.


Once you have cut out the window for your card. Grab another piece of white paper that is the same size and the double sided tape. Make sure the double sided tape is thick to create the illusion that the “window” is raised. Place small pieces of the double sided foam tape on the edges of the "window" and stick it to the white piece of paper. Now that you created your donut card box, place it to the side.


Now, grab 4 different shades of brown colored paper to create your donut base. Using your circle cutter or compass, create a large circle on each paper. Then, create a smaller circle in the center of the larger circle for the hole of the donut on each paper. Once you have drawn your donut on each paper, using your K18 hobby knife, or craft scissors, cut out your donuts.  Don't forget to cut out the center of them!

Let’s make some icing for these donuts!  Grab 4 different colored papers. Draw out icing on the paper. Make the inside and outside lines of the icing squiggly to make it look like it is dripping off of the donut. Once you have drawn the icing onto the colored paper, take your K18 or craft knife and cut out your icing.

Using your double sided tape, cut small pieces and place them on to the icing you just cut out. Next, place the icing on top of the donuts you made earlier. Try to line up the center of the icing to the donut as best as possible.

Tip: To ensure there are no pen/pencil marks place the double sided tape on the side that has any marks on it. This will hide any unwanted marks that you do not want to show up on the donut.

Then, using your craft scissors or K18, take the scraps of your colored paper that you used to make the icing and cut little strips or small round circles. This will be the sprinkles for your donuts. Then using your glue stick, place your sprinkles on the glue and then onto the donut.

Tip: if you do not want to get glue on your hands, try using our slant point tweezers! They are great for handling small pieces of paper.

Once all your donuts have been put together and your sprinkles are dried, grab your double sided tape and the box card you created earlier. Attach each donut to the inside of the card using the double sided tape.

We are almost done!

Every donut box deserves a bow! Grab any colored paper to create your bow. Cut out a thick strip of paper (about .5” thick) that is the width of the card. (the smaller side of the card) Next, using the same-colored paper, draw 2 loops, a bow center, and two ribbon ends. Cut out your bow with your K18.

Tip: use your K18, curl the loops and ribbon ends to give the bow more volume and definition

Finally, glue the strip of paper on to the center of the card box from end to end. Then, glue the bow together in the center of the strip. You created your Donut Card!

Donut forget to add a cute note inside your card for that special someone! This is perfect as a birthday card, a valentine’s day card, or just a simple card to show someone you care. Seriously, who does not love donuts?

We hope you enjoyed creating this Donut Card as much as we did!  For more artwork from Margaret Scrinkl visit her Instagram by clicking here

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