Geometric PaperCut Mandala - Maria Marinoni (@maria.marinoni)



I'd  love  to  share  with  you  my  technique  of  drawing  –  and  cutting  –  this  geometric  mandala.  This  could  become  a  lovely  boho  decoration,  or  an  amazing  piece  of  wall  art.  You  can  change  the  size  of  the  mandala  by  opening  (or  closing)  the  compass  as  you  please.  Do not  be  afraid,  grab  the  simple  tools  you  need,  follow  the  step-by-step  pictures  and  get  ready  to  create!


For  the  Geometric  Papercut  Mandala  you  will  need:

Excel  Blades  K1 Aluminum  Knife  

Excel  Blades  Super  Sharp  Double  Honed  Blades  (#11)    

Excel Blades 12' x 18" (Green) Self-Healing Cutting Mat

– Paper  (220  g)

Excel Blades Deluxe Conversion Ruler

Excel Blades  Yardstick  Compass  –  Swivel / Pin Post


Maria Marinoni

I'm Maria from Italy, I'm a papercutting artist and a creative tutor. I spent my last two decades exploring the world of crafts and arts, but in the last years I falling in love with the royal simplicity of paper and her extreme versatility. I strongly believe that a paper creative life-approach can boosts patience, calm and fine motor skills, reducing daily stress. That's the reason why I spend most of my day with a cutter in my hand and a creative idea in my mind! What else? Oh, I love cats, pizza, good vibes and tattoos!