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Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree!
It is everyone’s favorite time of year, the holidays!  Christmas trees are not only the most recognizable holiday decoration, but they are also an easy and fun paper craft!  This kids’ holiday craft is perfect for children of any age with little supervision.  Whether you are creating this holiday tree as an ornament, a gift, a holiday card, or just as a table decoration, you can make this paper tree with materials you already have at home. 
Excel Blades is a big fan of keeping things simple. This DIY kids craft is perfect!  Add some holiday spirit to a plain space with this festive craft. Although this paper craft looks like it took hours to plan and create, it only takes a few minutes.  To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, let us make some paper Christmas trees!
Grab your peppermint tea, some ginger snaps and get crafting!
Green, Brown and Yellow Colored Paper
Glue Stick
Step 1: Take one corner of the green paper and line the edge with the opposite side.  Fold the paper and create a triangle.
Step 2: Using your alumicutter ruler from your alumikit and #16 stencil edge blade in your K18, cut off the excess paper.  This will create a square piece of paper.
Step 3: Keep the square folded into a triangle.  Grab your Dual Strip Cutter and adjust the width to your desire. Begin to cut strips away from the folded edge.  Create even strips along the whole length of the triangle.
Step 4: Unfold your paper and lay it down flat.  Using your glue stick, add glue to the center of the paper from top to bottom.
Step 5: One by one, take a strip and place it on the center of the paper to create a loop.  When placing the adjacent strip on top of the previous strip you may need to add glue to make sure it sticks.
Tip: Hold down the strips you just glued to ensure it is glued to the paper.
Step 6: Now, grab your yellow paper and cut out a star.
Step 7: Glue the star to the top of the tree.
Step 8: Using your Dual strip cutter, take your brown paper and cut out a trunk for the tree.
Step 9: Glue the trunk to the bottom of the tree.
You have created your paper Christmas tree! 
We loved the way this paper tree looks all on its own however, you can personalize your tree with paper ornaments, glitter, jewels and more!  Let the kids get creative and make their tree the way they want.  A little imagination can go a long way!  Add this paper Christmas tree to a card, use it as an ornament, or simply decorate a plain space in your house. 
We hope you enjoyed creating this easy Paper Christmas Tree as much as we did! 
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