How to Make Paper Flowers

If you’re a crafter, you probably have a lot of paper left over from projects. You can use these scraps to make paper flowers. Make seasonal spring decorations for the house or office. There are a few examples we put together here for you - tissue paper flowers, spiral roses, pom-pom flowers and more. So get your crafty space ready and read on!

There are many types of paper flowers you can make, including tissue paper flowers. We wrote about this in a previous blog, check it out for the step-by-step: How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers.

Tissue paper flowers are relatively easy to make and are a good option for party decorations and because of their size, they can cover a large area of a wall or backdrop. 

spiral roses vase

Spiral roses are another simple and effective paper flower. For this project, you need thicker paper like scrapbooking paper or craft paper and craft scissors — we like the curved lexan scissor. Due to the lexan scissor’s bent cutting edge, it’s ideal to cut curved shapes for the petals. And because they’re small and the cutting edge is short, it’s easier to control and cut. 

Find the Right Craft Scissors for Your Next Project

a paper flower wreath

Welcome spring with a Paper Flower Wreath! In this tutorial, we showed you how to make paper flowers from individual petals and floral wire. 

Pom-pom Flowers

Pom-pom Flowers

Supplies you’ll need for this flower:

Use a Self-healing Cutting Mat to Protect Your Crafting Space

cutter paper mat

Step One:

Using the craft knife and ruler on the cutting mat, cut down the paper to 14” x 4.5”. With a pencil, lightly draw a line on both long sides, .5” from the edge. This is your margin that will be used for gluing. 

paper cutter mat ruler

Step Two:

Make parallel cuts along the entire length, every 1/4” of an inch or so. You can also use the dual strip cutter for this task for a faster result. 

yellow paper cut

Step Three:

Once you’re done cutting, add glue to the margins and bring the long edges together, be careful not to fold or crease the middle. The goal is to have the strips curve nicely into a loop to create the petals. Let the glue dry.

yellow pom pom flower

Step Four:

Starting on one end, roll into a spiral. Glue to close. 

Step Five:

Add stem by gluing on securely. Your flower is complete! 

We used this same technique on fabric to make a hair comb. Check it out!