Lupine Flower DIY - Jason Koons @jason_koons

Missing the summer?  So are we!  Take a look at this beautiful DIY from our blog artist Jason Koons.  He will definitely have you missing the beautiful scenery and warm weather of summer.
8.5" x 11" Canson Mi-Teintes #140 Indigo Blue Paper
Begin by drawing the lpine flower.  In this instance, Jason looked at a photo reference, and then used a series of tracing paper layers to refine his drawing.  You can see that by the end of the drawing process, all of the lines of the cut have been clearly marked.  **If you aren't comfortable drawing your own lupine flower, feel free to use the template Jason provided by clicking here
Transfer your drawing to the back side of the final paper.  Keep in mind that the final cut will be flipped over, so consider the orientation of the drawing when transferring.
Flip the paper upside down and begin cutting the top of the flower with the K26 Black Fit Grip Knife.  Pull away from the center of the paper towards the edge when cutting.  Try to cut around the pencil lines that have been drawn to ensure a consistency in the line thickness throughout the cut.
As the cut progresses down the flower, turn the paper sideways and use the K4 Swivel Knife to cut the larger, more curved blossoms
Once the flower blossoms are finished, it's time to move on to the small gaps around the stem.
Cut the leaves of the lupine flower next.  Pulling each cut in an outward direction from the center of each leaf form.  Feel free to turn the paper around and upside down to facilitate this process.
Now all of the blossoms, gaps and leaves are cut.  Time for the final trim!  Jason recommends trimming the flower in sections as oppose to the whole silhouette.  Use tweezers to assist in removing the sections of surrounding paper.
All finished!  Frame as you like - these flowers may not smell as good as the real thing, but they will last much longer!
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