Maze - Jason Koons (jason_koons)

Excel Blades presents a new DIY project from blog artist Jason Koons.  In this blog you will learn how to create a maze using a few tools and your imagination. 
Just be careful you don't get lost.
Supplies(shown below)
8" x 8" Canson Mi - Teintes #140 Indigo Blue Paper (98lbs/160g)
1. Begin by drawing a vertical and horizontal axis that finds the center point of the paper
2. Measure from the center point along one of the axis lines, and make a mark at 1/4 inch and then 1/8 inch.  Alternate those marks all the way out to the edge of the paper.
3. Attach the Pin Post & Lead tip to your ruler and use it to draw circles at every hatch mark that you just measured
4. After drawing all the circles, start in the middle and begin to break down the "walls" of the maze to create entrances and exits to each ring.  Don't forget to make sure to leave a way out!
5. Once the drawing is finished, the maze is ready to cut out!
6. Starting from the center, begin cutting using the K-4 swivel blade - the rotating action of this blade will allow for easier cutting of the arced sections of the maze
7. Continue cutting until the outside rings are all cut
8. Carefully remove the cut from the paper using tweezers.  This step requires some patience as the cut will be very fragile at this point
9. The cut is finished!  Frame one or both!
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