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DIY Leather Woven Storage Basket by ClubCrafted

  I'm proud to say we've made a lot of progress in our apartment. After only two months, we're already more "moved in" than we were in our last place. Now that we've hung some artwork and filled it with furniture, it's nice to focus on the fun little pieces and put the big projects behind us. Because I'm a hoarder but I also hate clutter, I have...
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DIY Clay Faceted Bowls by ClubCrafted

The following post is sponsored by Excel Blades Have you guys noticed my love for bowls/catch-all dishes yet? I might have a problem...but a girl can never have too many catch-all dishes, in my opinion. With the amount of jewelry and little knickknacks I've collected over the years, having small bowls around the house is a MUST. These cute littl...
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DIY Carved Cursive Blades by ClubCrafted

  Stamps were one of my first introductions into the craft world. When I started scrapbooking with my mom when I was younger, my sister began working for a popular stamping company, so we had SO MANY stamps in the house. You name it, we had it, so I started using them pretty often in scrapbooking, card making, etc. Now, I only have a few of my o...
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