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Diy Fathers's Day Card - Margaret Scrinkl ( @scrinkl )

Father's day is the opportunity to tell your dad how much you appreciate them!  New dads, old dads, granddads, dad-in-laws, stepdads, fun dads, silly dads, dads that are moms and so much more.  Basically, there are a million different types of father figures in your life giving you at least a million reasons to honor them on Father's Day.

You probably know a few dads you'd like to acknowledge with a card.  Some you may even put a heartfelt message to tell them how much you appreciate them.  If you like to be creative, than this DIY is for you!  

In this DIY, Scrinkl will show you how to make your dad feel super!  With just a few tools and some paper, you are sure to make their day!

What makes your dad the best?  Well, he's your dad for starters, and that by itself is special.  That is why certain Father's day cards and messages only work for him.  

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