What is a Stencil Blade and How to Use Them

There are many blades on the market to choose from and you're probably familiar with the #11 Blade, it's infamous as far as bladed go, but have you heard of the #16 Blade? It's a Stencil Blade - it's unique shape and short cutting edge is designed for making stencils by hand. 

The Stencil Blade is shorter than the #11 blade, this allows for a different kind of control of the tool that is preferred by some artists and creators especially when creating a stencil where specific shapes and details - that are often small and intricate - need to be cut out from the durable stencil material. 

Stencil Blade

The angle of the cutting edge is also different from the familiar #11 blade. This makes it more maneuverable when cutting very small round details. 

The #16 Blade will cut through flexible materials like cardstock, carboard, vinyl or plastic. 

Excel Blades' #16 Stencil Blade fits with our K1 Aluminum Handle, K18 Grip-on Handle and K26 Fit-grip Handle, the K71 Index Finger Knife as well as the K17 Non-roll Art Knife